Grab work experience to showcase on your resume

Irritated about employers not considering freshers?

Depressed about your poor campus placements?

Worried about not finding a relevant internship?

Struggling to build your passion as your profession?

Irritated about employers not considering freshers?

Depressed about your poor campus placements?

Worried about employers not considering freshers?

Struggling to demonstrate your passion as your profession?

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An ideal opportunity to gain relevant work experience at your convenience.

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Have you ever applied for a job and read the application demands prior work experience? Isn't it painful to learn that all of your education can't get you a job?The problem is many hands-on skills and on-site knowledge aren't taught in a classroom and can only be learnt by doing actual work.

Working for MyCampusPost provides the ultimate opportunity for you to learn, compete, network and grow in your chosen career path. We need your talent and you need our experience! Anyone regardless of university degree, prior experience, location or age, can now have the opportunity to join us to grow MyCampusPost and alongside build their career.

How will this benefit you?

At MyCampusPost we take great care in aligning your passion with your profession.

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  • 6 months Part-Time
  • Need an existing work portfolio
  • Selection via Application



  • 4 weeks of Internship
  • Anyone can Apply & Start
  • No Experience Required


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